Club History


Club formed with donations by the following on 13-12-1975 to the Hon Sec:

Mr W Balsdon        £5.00

Mr F Down             £5.00

Mr S Martin            £5.00

Mr M Pidgeon        £5.00

Mr R Pardy            £5.00


The first official meeting was held on 10-01-1976 where there was a film show held.

Aims and objects of the Club as put to the preliminary meeting held at The Institute, Ottery St Mary on January 10th 1976 and subsequently adopted.
I. To promote the interests of members in their respective followings and to be of assistance to one another to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas to the furtherance of members and The Club.
2. To encourage junior members to become interested in relics of the past and encourage the furtherance of their respective interests.
3. To assist rallies and the such like by providing tractors, machinery and engines, etc. in order to promote the exhibition and demonstration of their respective interests and cooperate with the organisers.
4. To hold meetings periodically during the winter months in order to create and promote interest and further advancement of Club activities and organise outdoor events when thought fit.
5. That each Club member shall be wholehearted in their support of The Club and willing to take an active part in The Club and the events that are organised.

Constitution (Revised 1995)
The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in October of each year, when a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six members of Committee will be nominated and elected.
The Chairman and other Officers of The Club together with the Committee shall retire at each A.G.M. and a new election take place, all Officers. and Committee may offer themselves for re-election.
The Chairman shall retire after three consecutive terms of office.
The outgoing Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall present their annual report, the latter providing an audited balance sheet for members examination.
Up to three co-opted members may be appointed as advisers or representatives of the elected Committee who may attend meetings at the Chairmans discretion but shall have no powers of vote.
Subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year, all members must pay their respective subscriptions within one month, any member in arrears after this date will no longer be deemed to be a member of The Club, nor covered by The Club Insurance.
The Club subscription fee shall be reviewed and confirmed annually or at each A.G.M.
The Chairman shall conduct meetings in an orderly fashion, he may nominate the Vice Chairman to act for him during his absence and when doing so the Vice Chairman shall have the same powers and authority as that of the Chairman.
Seven clear days notice of a pending meeting must be notified to all Officers and Committee members.
If and when matters are to be decided by voting or a show of hands, the Secretary shall count the votes (or hands) as ‘for’ or ‘against’ the motion, this shall be recorded and minuted.
The Chairman shall have, when voting is equal, a casting vote in order to decide the matter one way or the other.
Persons under the age of 16 will be classed as Juniors and will provide a nominal £1 subscription fee, they will not be eligible to vote unless the matter affects them and is ruled by the Chairman to be voted upon.
The Chairman shall have power to call an extraordinary meeting of The Club when he considers fit or when required to do so by other Officers or Committee.
The minimum of three may form a quorum.
The Club must not hold rallies in opposition to other organisations but can liaise with other clubs or such like to exhibit, assist or support at Shows and Country Fairs and the like.
The Club name must not be used for individual attendance at functions but can be used collectively by members with the sanction of the Committee.
All monies due must be made payable to “The East Devon Tractor Machinery and Engine Club”, and must be banked under that named account.
The Club may own equipment or machinery for the furtherance of their interests and shall be recorded by the Secretary as “Club Assets”, these will be revealed to succeeding Officers as and when they take office and also divulge the location.
The Club may be wound up by a majority decision of it’s members at any time and the Club’s assets disposed of and realised in cash, after settling all debts the money left in balance must be disposed of to a similar club or charity as agreed by the members.
The Club must have a majority decision of it’s members in order to amalgamate with another club or such like.
The Officers have power to refuse membership or renew membership to any individual if thought justified, without disclosing reason or otherwise.
The Officers and Members of the Club shall not be responsible or liable in the event of an accident involving other persons or property at or during Club events.
All paid up members are covered by the Club insurance when exhibiting at other events to cover third party, providing members abide by the rules and regulations governing each particular event and abide by the “General Code of Practice”.
The Club may appoint an Honorary Life President as declared at the A.G.M. in December 1983, he shall be deemed to be an esteemed and long standihg member of the Club, the office of President would run continuously and be elected by the Club members who may also, by a majority vote, request a retirement or resignation, as also may the recipient, the President would not require to attend all meetings of the Committee unless he felt obliged to do so or members felt his presence would be helpful.
The main duties of the President would be to ensure correct administration of events and the upholding of this Constitution, represent the Club when necessary and take the Chair during the election of the Chairman.
The Club may appoint any member to the statue of “Honorary Life Member” for services rendered to the Club.
The Chairman should stipulate if the term “majority” i.s that.. f paid up members or that of those attending a meeting as a majority in the event of a vote.

15th February 2015 – Club website launched bringing the club into the age of 21st century technology and hopefully making the club more accessable to new generations of vintage enthusiasts.